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Is Power Automate Community Monitored or Dead?

It seems that the ideas community has gone dark. I recommend that MS invest some time to go through all of these ideas update status' and timelines.  If you want people to take this community seriously, then please allocate some time to communicate to your audience of power users who often have the best ideas on how to make the platform better.  Here's a quick screen grab that shows the ratio of new ideas versus other status'.  To be 100% candid, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication and updates from MS regarding needed features and frankly am de-motivated to recommend further ideas since I have not ever received a response on the multiple Ideas I've proposed (some of them dating back to early 2019).  Thank you.



Status: Escalated

Hi @dbro @Ecsktein @WorkingForFood 


dbro - Thank you for adding this comment and for your follow-ups - Ecsktein and WorkingforFood.


Managing Ideas for Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents has transferred to my team recently and I have found that there are some obvious steps and attention missing here. I am working on what I call "clean up crew on aisle 5" which happens when people move on from the team and should be an ongoing process. You will see movement and action taken in this space.  This is the start of that.


Items on my list to wrangle: 

Sharing the process for how our community and product teams work on Ideas posted in this space.

An SLA on responses


I'll comment here on the above items and I will be sharing a News and Announcements post regarding our new processes as well. 


Feel free to tag me any time or message me directly @heddanewman and I'm always happy to have a one on one chat about anything regarding community, the platform, and our programs.


Thank you 

Heather Newman

Principal PM Manager & Lead DTP Community Success Team - Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

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Hey @Heddanewman !


Thank you for the invitation!

I totally missed your comment while deep in other projects, less Power Automate oriented, so almost two moths later I am catching up 😐


If it is of any value I am always up for a chat on Power Automate and friends.

And also if there are any other venues of discussion on this topic that you possibly will enable, I would love to participate.


I see great potentials in Power Automate and would love to see it rise further 😊

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Still no discernible progress @Heddanewman ?



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I was wondering the same thing. This is a great question.


Screenshot 2021-11-17 143450.png

Screenshot 2021-11-17 144901.png

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Broke 10k! still nothing?





Hi Folks - Happy Holidays and hope you all are well and getting some downtime. The team is working on a new plan around the triage of ideas in the Ideas area to be launched in January. @PurvinPatel is leading that charge on our community platform team with lead @ananthar  and will be delivering it via @AnnaChu your Community Program Manager. I am meeting with Purvin and Ananth on Monday 1/3 and have a blog post that I am waiting to finalize with some information on the timeline and roadmap for some movement regarding leveraging the new Dynamics 365 Customer Service App (preview) as well as how the product teams will be triaging the current set of ideas, yes now at 10k for Power Automate. Appreciate your patience. Microsoft 365 products and Azure have already moved to the new feedback app, we will be following suit. Moving applications is not the only measure being taken but a new process on improving our closing the listening loop with all of you who are giving us feedback. We appreciate all of you contributing feedback, blogs, and answers to questions in the forums as well. I've been pushing on this and will continue to do so, apologies for not responding sooner. Thank you for reaching out and again for your patience. Looking forward to working with all of you in 2022. Cheers. 


 @Clifferton @robcaretta @GuyBoswell @Anonymous @dbro @WorkingForFood @Ecsktein 


cc: @heaher_italent @Jim_iTalent 


Howdy all!

2022 will bring some changes to ideation within this and other Power Platform idea communities.  First, what is "ideation"?  Ideation is the process of taking feedback and delivering what the audience wants. 


We will be doing a better job in 2022 as to communicating what the process and rules are for ideation.   Look for this soon.  There will be a bit of reorganization and regrouping of ideas coming as well.  


As mentioned aboved, there has been a reboot of idea platforms across Microsoft now that Dynamics 365 Customer Service Community was released.  You have seen our sister products already move onto that platform, and we will be doing the same.  There will be more details of what those timelines will be to come.  

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@Heddanewman @PurvinPatel 

Another 2.5 months on from the last response, and still no visible change.



The only number that's changed here is the increase in "New" ideas.

Some of the "Started" ideas have been started for several years with no update since.

Incredibly disappointing to see so little activity.

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Sounds like they had high hopes but got bogged down with the volume here and gave up.  @Heddanewman @PurvinPatel if people are to have renewed investment in supporting this forum, updates about improvements to this site or transitioning to a new forum would be helpful.

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I really want to champion Power Automate to my colleagues but how can I recommend a dead product that shows no sign of evolution and resolution of user issues @Heddanewman ?

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This thread was opened nearly a year ago. That's sad. Nothing here either.