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Is Power Automate Community Monitored or Dead?

It seems that the ideas community has gone dark. I recommend that MS invest some time to go through all of these ideas update status' and timelines.  If you want people to take this community seriously, then please allocate some time to communicate to your audience of power users who often have the best ideas on how to make the platform better.  Here's a quick screen grab that shows the ratio of new ideas versus other status'.  To be 100% candid, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication and updates from MS regarding needed features and frankly am de-motivated to recommend further ideas since I have not ever received a response on the multiple Ideas I've proposed (some of them dating back to early 2019).  Thank you.



Status: Escalated

Hi @dbro @Ecsktein @WorkingForFood 


dbro - Thank you for adding this comment and for your follow-ups - Ecsktein and WorkingforFood.


Managing Ideas for Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents has transferred to my team recently and I have found that there are some obvious steps and attention missing here. I am working on what I call "clean up crew on aisle 5" which happens when people move on from the team and should be an ongoing process. You will see movement and action taken in this space.  This is the start of that.


Items on my list to wrangle: 

Sharing the process for how our community and product teams work on Ideas posted in this space.

An SLA on responses


I'll comment here on the above items and I will be sharing a News and Announcements post regarding our new processes as well. 


Feel free to tag me any time or message me directly @heddanewman and I'm always happy to have a one on one chat about anything regarding community, the platform, and our programs.


Thank you 

Heather Newman

Principal PM Manager & Lead DTP Community Success Team - Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

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@GuyBoswell  I used to post here for simple things that I didn't think warranted a ticket, but now I open tickets for most things (if it's a bug, or it creates a burden for something) since that gets a response (at least with my companies service package) albeit usually a third party contractor who eventually says they will escalate the idea to the product team.


Hi Folks - Feel free to join this community call we are actually on right now and will be updating this call to be a Power Platform all up going forward and happy to have you there to chat about this and all kinds of things. Yes we are still working through how the team triages and works on Ideas. @Purvin Patel still owns Ideas on our team and hopefully, there will be an update coming this month. 


The Power Apps community call happens on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. On the call we demonstrate tips and tools to help you build awesome Power Apps and discuss the latest Power Apps news. You will meet the Power Apps product team and community experts to get your questions answered.


Join here –


cc: @AnnaChu @Jim_iTalent 

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@Heddanewman Power Apps Apps or Power Automate Flows? 


Also can you post an ICAL for the group call? I'd be curious about jumping in from time to time as time permits

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I am beginning to really hate Power Automate.

I want to import some data from MICROSOFT Excel to MICROSOFT Sharepoint. 

a)  That should be straight forward

b) That should be straight forward

c) apparently the only way to do that is to use a Power Automate to list the rows in a Excel table, and then write them to a Sharepoint list.

OK!  I'll roll with it, I have nothing better to do with my time.  So I build the power automate.

The MICROSOFT Excel table source has identical column headings and indentical format to the MICROSOFT Sharepoint list destination.

But to transfer a date from one to another in MICROSOFT Power Automate I have to read the date which comes across as a piece of text that looks like a number, convert it in to a number, subtract two from the number, convert another piece of text, "1-Jan-1900", into a date, add the number in to a date and convert it back to a number, before I can write it in to a date field!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And if I suggest that just maybe there might be a better way to do this I can wait 198 years for nothing to happen

Do MICROSOFT actually want us to give up on MICROSOFT Power Automate?  Are they desperately trying to get rid of customers?

Help! @Heddanewman Please!


Hi everyone, you are invited to join us on a new monthly community call for Power Platform that we started back in March 2022. It is scheduled 8:30-10:00AM Pacific Time (UTC-8) on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Join here –


We are working directly with the Power Automate team to better manage your feedback and requests, as you can understand there is a lot of cleanup we need to do. We ask for your patience as we triage - Appreciate your input so far.



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Thanks for the meeting link @AnnaChu  can you post the start time and time zone for the meeting?


Hi @srduval It is scheduled 8:30-10:00AM Pacific Time (UTC-8) on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. You can download an ICS file for the repeatable meeting here:

@DavidWarner will be leading this moving forward and we have plans to open it out to be inclusive of all Power Platform.

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So how it the triage going?



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The community meetings I've been able to attend seem much more like a showcase designed to make people ooh and ah over the things that can be done. A marketing scheme to get people happy to use microsoft tools. I've seen no outreach from the moderators to address the issue here.


a new solution is being worked on and should be implemented the by the end of July.