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Is Power Automate Community Monitored or Dead?

It seems that the ideas community has gone dark. I recommend that MS invest some time to go through all of these ideas update status' and timelines.  If you want people to take this community seriously, then please allocate some time to communicate to your audience of power users who often have the best ideas on how to make the platform better.  Here's a quick screen grab that shows the ratio of new ideas versus other status'.  To be 100% candid, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication and updates from MS regarding needed features and frankly am de-motivated to recommend further ideas since I have not ever received a response on the multiple Ideas I've proposed (some of them dating back to early 2019).  Thank you.



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The absence of admin responses to this seems telling...

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It took a bit of diddling around, but I found this Feedback Form:


Maybe someone monitors that and could use a little nudge to come back and re-engage with the community here.