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Is it possible to do advanced switch case?

Hi there, 


I was wondering if you could do an advanced expression using Microsoft flows switch case. 



 Could I implement something like the following:


if(@contains(@triggerBody()?['{FilenameWithExtension}'], <pattern 1>),variable = <pattern 1>),
if(@contains(@triggerBody()?['{FilenameWithExtension}'], <pattern 2>),variable = <pattern 2>),
if(@contains(@triggerBody()?['{FilenameWithExtension}'], <pattern 3>),variable = <pattern 3>),
if(@contains(@triggerBody()?['{FilenameWithExtension}'], <pattern 4>),variable = <pattern 4>),


So if a specific pattern is found, then a particular case can be executed. Would I also be able to do the same with File Content to search for patterns like command lines grep regex? 


I also wanted to know where I could learn more advanced syntax expressions/implementations for Logic Apps/Microsoft Flow aside from Microsofts Logic App Documentation section. 

Status: New