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It would be nice to be able to connect VideoAsk

In our company, we use the VideoAsk platform to obtain online interviews for all our candidates. We would like Microsoft Powr Automate to have the option of being able to extract the information and thus speed up the work with this powerful tool. Right now we use Zapier for these actions, but the platform limits our use a lot. Really, having VideoAsk integrated here would be a big step for our company.

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Hi @Da55Vinci


Although there isn't any connector for Videoask (as there is for Typeform) you're still able to connect Videoask by using a webhook. Use the trigger "when a HTTP request is received" and then (after inserting any random action afterwards) saving, you'll find a HTTP POST URL in the trigger. Copy that one, and go to Videoask. While in Videoask, select the Videoask you want to connect and press "connect to other apps", then choose "Webhooks" at the bottom. Press "connect" and paste the HTTP POST URL. Run the videoask and use the generated payload within videoasks' connector as the sample payload for the trigger. 


After this you'll be able to use the different variables, however - you'll need to erase the json schema within the trigger after this or you'll receive a 400 bad request whenever someone replies to the videoask. At least that's been the case for me. 


Remember that for security reasons you might want to use a token header as a requirement at least for the flow to run. 


Although this solution requires a bit of work compared to a connector, it's a way to at least connect it while waiting for an official connector 🙂 

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Thank you very much for your answer. I've been trying to do this, but our company has a less plan than is necessary to generate this type of flow.


We'll wait until the VideoAsk connector is generated, which we hope isn't too late.


Thank's again