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JIRA connection

It would be great to allow a JIRA connection, which for example, would allow an agent to log into JIRA with a given credential, and determine if there are any new JIRA issues associated with a JQL query.


The subsequent steps in the flow may send an e-mail, or post to a Yammer group.


The RSS feed option isn't appropriate, as you need to be able to log into JIRA to get non-public issues.

Status: Completed

You can now see many different templates for JIRA here:

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 Thanks for the feedback. The JIRA integration is now publically available. It allows you to use two types of triggers:

- When a new issue is created

- When a new issue is created for a JQL query

The templates showcase some example scenarios for the new integration. 

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We do use SharePoint Online and JIRA and we'd like an interconnect between them.


However, the JIRA stuff that comes with Flow Plan 1 is just not covering even basic needs.


For example, we want to monitor a certain project for status changes on all issues in it.


Would that be possible?

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We also need some more trigger like "update on issue", "new comment in issue" , "new subtask created" 

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Status changed to: Completed

You can now see many different templates for JIRA here:

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@Microsoft peeps: Any plans to add these triggers?

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How about a trigger for when an issue is updated?

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I believe that triggering a flow when a Jira issue is transitionned from a Status to Another would be a great feature. 

Actually, I would like to integrate our Jira Vacation Board (with approval) into a shared Office365 Calendar. This would allow us to have all the updates at the same time in Jira, and also in our Confluence Calendars.


Both would be very useful for us, and Flow is one very little step of allowing us to do so.


Can we help on improving the Jira Connector ? 




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I agree that having a trigger for when an issue's status is changed would be great to have, making it generic would be better just an overall trigger for when an issue has been modified and allowing filters to determine which update to care about for a flow.


I also think that an action(s) to modify various fields of the issue would be good as well. Some of the fields to include should be: Status, Assigned To, and any other important fields.

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Seems like JIRA Connector does not work with on premises instance of JIRA and doesn't allow to specify use of an internal Gateway.  Am I missing something here.  Is there a way to use JIRA connector with on premises JIRA instance?