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Kaizala trigger flow on dynamic group.

It would help a lot if a flow could be triggered via a message in a 'to be created' kaizala group.

This could be a subgroup of a 'monitored' group. (of which we know the groupID)


This would allow for monitoring of the messages in a to be created group, as where now only already created groups can be monitored.


For a project I need to monitor conversations in groups that are not yet created.


Kaizala is promoted are a group communication solution, where I primarily see a broadcasting solution, with strong filtering on any responses/feedback, probably to make sure only the desired answers come back. 🙂  


I see the solution to my problem is not really in flow but rather in kaizala, if it would allow for message in a subgroup, to bubble up to the top group level, where it could trigger a flow.


Status: New