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Keep copied Flow solution aware after 'Save As'

When Save As function is used with a Solution aware Flow, I want the new Flow to be Solution aware too. Or even better: have a choise to keep it within the solution. Currently, I'm not able to.

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This is a MUST HAVE.  Child flows are a fantastic feature, but sometimes we need to replicate Flows that use child Flows.  Please add this real soon!

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I have to migrate a SPD2010 Reusable Workflow , attached to a content type. There are more than 15 libraries using this Content type/Workflow. Now I have to migrate this SPD WF in power automate, I couldn't find a way to recreate Reusable Workflows in new platform. So I am creating separate flow for each library and one child flow, I need a way in my solution to replicate my main flow and create 15 flows out of this, all these flows will pass parameters and call child flow.

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I wonder if this is available yet?  We should be able to create copies of flows in a solution and keep them within the solution.