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Let us call sharepoint search API from Powerapps and Flow

Hi I'm creating a powerapp  that needs to call a flow  that will use the Send http request to sharepoint  method to call the search API. 


I need to return the results of the search back to the powerapp.  To do so I need to use the Request -Response  Flow method, but this is a Premium connector. 


So I thhought powerapps and flow were supposed to be free for use in sharepoint? Why can't I call sharepoint search api from powerapps and flow?

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One more thougt on this --  I understand that msft rightly want to chare extra for the http request /response connector as it lets users connect to flow from literally anywhere.  But the response in that  connector  has a special use  when used in conjuction with powerapps -- it lets us return a structured dataset to powerapps very easily.  I would like to see  microsoft make a copy (or alias or whatever)  of  the Http response  and include it inside of the powerapps connector we see in flow. So when returning data to our powerapps we would have two option -- the current one (respond to powerapps) and a new one based on the HTTP response connector (maybe called respond to powerapps with table). This way Msft would still beable to charge a premium for using flow in a true http request/response scenario , and powerapps users would be able to return tables from flows.