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Let us put Initialize Variables into a Scope if the Scope is at the top

I get why you want Initialize actions at the top but PLEASE let me put them in a Scope at the top. Because I cant copy actions Im building a TON of variables to hold blocks of text and dynamic content that I can reuse so I have like 30 Initialize Actions at the top that I cant hide. 😞

Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion.

Regular Visitor

This is a great idea though I don't get why variables got to be global in the first place. Why can't it be like any other programming language or any form. You SHOULD be able to just init a variable within a condition if you're ever going to use it there anyway.


The design of it in the first place is stupid. Not only it clutter everything but it doesn't make sense. I'm pretty sure this has been done to make it easier for non-dev people to build flows because they don't have that knowledge but well... I don't like it.