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Let us put Initialize Variables into a Scope if the Scope is at the top

I get why you want Initialize actions at the top but PLEASE let me put them in a Scope at the top. Because I cant copy actions Im building a TON of variables to hold blocks of text and dynamic content that I can reuse so I have like 30 Initialize Actions at the top that I cant hide. 😞

Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion.

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I agree with that. I'm trying to group things together in order to have an easier to read flow, especially on long or complex flows. Unfortunately, I end up with a bunch of variables initialize action at the top of my flows. It would be very nice to have the ability to group them in a scope.

Advocate IV

hear hear.  Scope is one of the best actions for making a Flow easy to read.  But unfortunately Initialising variable Actions are the ones i'd most like to hide

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion.

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Thanks for condering this, it would be really nice to tidy up the Flow and I also use it later when I set the variables.

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THis would be great to do - my flows are so messy at the moment 


Even if it were a special Variables Scope that would be enough

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Yes please, grouping initializations in a scope would a top improvement for flow lisibility !

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Agreed... so messy right now for some variables I might not even use in a branch.

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This is just low-hanging fruit. This should be easy to implement while still adding a lot of value!

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Yes to this! This would be amazing.

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yes, it would be nice if we could put all these Init Variable actions into one scope called Initialize Variables:

MS Flow Scope Init Variables.PNGand there are more!

MS Flow Scope Init Variables 2.PNG