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Let us put Initialize Variables into a Scope if the Scope is at the top

I get why you want Initialize actions at the top but PLEASE let me put them in a Scope at the top. Because I cant copy actions Im building a TON of variables to hold blocks of text and dynamic content that I can reuse so I have like 30 Initialize Actions at the top that I cant hide. 😞

Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion.

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+1 for this feature. We'd really love to be able grouping variables in a scope. Setting up a bunch of variables messes up the whole flow. 


Anmerkung 2019-10-20 182910.png

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Yes, This would be a really big step forward to read and organize the flow more clearly.



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Any update on this, please. My flow is grown too big and it's humanly impossible to look thru it.

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@Let us put Initialize Variables into a Scope, this is a great idea! This would help to organize the variables for a certain task in the same scope.  

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Wanted to suggest the same -> +1!

My largest flow looks only half as bad as from @DanKrue80 but still sucks and I would not like to be in his position!

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BUMP!  Please add this feature!  It would really improve the readability of flows.  Any movement on this??

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Please provide this functionality. If this got implemented and I died the next day, people will say I died a happy man. 

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