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Let us save flows even if they have errors as long as they're not enabled.

I just spent time working on a flow, and then it failed to save because of an outage on your end in terms of the connectors. Meaning the only option I have to preserve my work is to keep the tab open and hope windows update doesn't restart my computer and that my browser doesn't crash. Otherwise I have to start from scratch. 


As long as the flow isn't set to enabled, there's literally no reason to not allow us to save.  It's anti-user design. 

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Wait, you're a Microsoft employee... Surely you could just send the devs an email to give them a hint? 👀

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I 100% support this. I get to a stopping point due to whatever, but I have an incomplete step that I have to either complete the arguments or delete before switching to new task. 9/10 I just delete the step and it seems like it is always some Create item action in SharePoint with several fields each with separately Composed parameters - I audibly groan and pray I made good notes on the compose actions before deleting the action and then Save.

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YES!  Sometimes when I am creating a complicated flow I know it is not quite right but I need to take a break or quit for the day and because of unresolved "errors" I am unable to save.  I have to delete a bunch of work so I don't lose the whole thing.  

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I am often in a situation where I am depending on others to give me information, and sometimes I don't know this until my flow is half-built. I hate having to lose my work.

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Yes this is a critical issue, i've had flows where the browser session glitches and it won't let me expand an action to make edits to something, and when that something has an error or is preventing me from access something with an error, I have no choice but to refresh the browser, and hope I had saved it recently.