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Link to Task in Planner

It would be useful if, on the "Get task details" action, a link to the task would be returned.


I am sending an email after a task is created and would like to be able to link the task in the email.



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Unfortunatelly, it looks like Planner REST API should add to Task definition related Link parameter first so Microsoft Flow could offer this piece of info. I mean, I have been reviewing Planner REST API and did not find a Link parameter in Task Object definition. If my understanding is wrong, please feel free to correct me, since I also see extremely useful to have Task related Link available, i.e. in the same way items from a Sharepoint List have this parameter available.


In the meantime, I found a post describing a potential workaround for this limitation, by building the link following the format:{tenantenvironment}/en-US/Home/Task/{TaskId}

The workaround was posted in 2018, but I have just tested it, and still works

Hope this helps






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That workaround works to this day March 2020. Pretty easy to use