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LinkedIn Triggers and Actions

I would like to have some a LinkedIn triggers for Flow, for:

  • A <Person or Company> made a <New Post>
    [Data]: Invoker, Post (ID, Caption, Message), Date & Time
  • A <Someone> give <My Post> a like
    [Data]: Invoker, Post (ID, Caption, Message), Date & Time
  • A <Someone> revoked a like from <My Post> 
    [Data]: Invoker, Post (ID, Caption, Message), Date & Time
  • <Someone> commendted <My Post>
    [Data]: Invoker, Post (ID, Caption, Message), Date & Time, Comment (ID, Content)


I would also have some a LinkedIn actions:

  • Like a <Post>
    [Data]: Post (ID)
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New Member



I would like to have a way to send a customised greetings message to my new connections in a reasonable time.

I would like to customise this message with the name and have the possibility to apply some regexp rules to use only the first word, for example.



I would like to be able to create lists to send customised messages.



New Member

It would be great to have, similar to the one for Twitter, a connector that will trigger a flow if a specific tag / entitity / text is found in a post.

New Member

I would also like a trigger based on when someone looks at my profile.  The goal would be for me to find out if the person vieweing is a connection / what level /  and do a lookup of the person and notify me

Advocate I

As an IT Consultant, I would like to create an Atom or RSS or Email from every item on a person's feed so I can have the data for analytics.

Advocate V
Advocate V

Need this. Want to notify employees when our company posts something on LinkedIn

New Member

I would like to have connector which allows me to collect all posts with specific hashtag into Teams, Excel, SharePoint list, ...

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I need this to automatically post a company LinkedIn post to a specific group in Yammer.