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LinkedIn connection

For me to consider migrating my automations to this, I need LinkedIn integration.


The ability to post to updates to my own page, a company page or a group would be the minimum required.

Status: Completed

You can now connect to LinkedIn - read more about it here:

Power Automate
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LinkedIn support is something we're planning on, unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA at this time because the public LinkedIn REST API doesn't contain any of the actions we would want to expose. We are working with the LinkedIn team to get exposing REST APIs booked so we can light it up in Flow. Thank you!


I've been trying to work through the OAuth2 authentication in Flow to post automatically post to LinkedIn.  There is already a REST API exposed by LinkedIn (  This would be similar to posting on Facebook or Twitter.  I'd love to have automated posts go to all of my social media accounts.  If you built this into Flow while working on the other LinkedIn APIs, that would go a long way for users.

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Keen to see this happen! Lots of interesting posts in LinkedIn that I would like flowed into Yammer!

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Awesome! Hope this gets added to flow soon 😄

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I was suprised to see NO representation of LinkedIn within Microsoft Flow.


Here are a few examples of ideas for Triggers and Actions:

  1. (Trigger) - LinkedIn - New Connection
  2. (Action) - LinkedIn - Send message to someone within my network 
  3. (Action) - LinkedIn - Send InMail (N number available per month)
  4. (Trigger) - LinkedIn - New Post (may provide parameters, e.g. any posts from peeps within my network only, or ALL (Public))
  5. (Action) - LinkedIn - Based on New Post trigger, export to:
    1. Cloud drive(s) as XYZ doc (e.g. PDF; Google Doc), 
    2. Repost Update to Twitter
    3. Export to MS Excel file; (export attributes(?) such as who posted, as well as the post contents)
  6. (Trigger) - LinkedIn - Increase in Profile Views
    1. (Action) - LinkedIn - Export list of profile views into spreadsheet (E.g. Excel), and include a) Company, b) role, and c) location.  IF any or some of this information is made available by the user based on their privacy settings.
  7. (Trigger) - LinkedIn - Increase in your Post Views
    1. (Action) - Linkedin - Export list of profile views into spreadsheet



Power Automate
Status changed to: Started
Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed

You can now connect to LinkedIn - read more about it here:


Can we get profile information for a specific user using this connector?