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List files in folder on OneDrive without limit

Now is function "List file in folder" has limit with 20 items. I as user need select all files in folder, without limit.

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I agree this should be modified.

A workaround I found for this issue was to use a Sharepoint library.


You could plausibly copy the contents of a OneDrive library to a SharePoint Library and then use Get Files (properties only) to iterate through all files in a Sharepoint Library.

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Every time I try to use Flow/Logic app for something serious and I run into these type of issues, seems like Microsoft makes products only for demo purpose, not serious production use, why else would you have a ridiculous limit of just 20 items per folder for list step, with no way to increase it.

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really? 20 item limit? who thought that was a good idea?

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I also ran into this issue and confirmed the default limit is 20 but if you go into the settings you can turn on the Pagination feature and increase the limit to your needs.  I tested with 100 and it worked.

Details on how to change the setting can be found below

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Is there an update to this? 


I am using the following setup, and it is failing due to the limit of 20 files.


Is there a way to have to latest 20 files be listed? 

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FFS! If I'm limited to 20 I might as well do it by hand! The whole point of automation is that it can well...automate...large and repetitive jobs. This is a f***ing joke Power Automate

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@yashag2255  has a workaround design, but it's quite a chunk of flow actions to get at all the items in a OneDrive folder.  He is focused on Deletion, but you can use the design for your own purposes: 


As for @Hyperion 's comment above that you can use the Settings for the action to enable pagination and raise the threshold, my testing indicates that it does nothing and the 20 limit remains in place for the OneDrive Connector's List Files in Folder action.  Perhaps Hyperion is referring here to the SharePoint connector he covers in the blog post he references (in response to the prior post here from SilvesterP), but thought I'd be explicit so no one gets their hope up (at this time).

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@DeeTronSEAMHave tested the onedrive List files in foilder  and was able to turn on Pagination and set a value of 200.  Only have 46 files for this run but limit is now raised definetly more than the default of 20.