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When user leaves or arrives a certain location. For example when user exits outside of a mile radius from his/her home and arrives within a mile radius of work in the same day save an entry to a list in share point cataloging the time of departure, time of arrival, and time of commute.

Status: Started

We are working on adding this right now, it should be available in early 2019. Thank you!

Level: Power Up

A similar applet (flow) is used by 170k users on IFTTT (but thats to Google Drive Spreadsheet which I don't use), how is a location trigger not one of the very first items to be implemented?

Level: Power Up

Seriously, this feature should have been implemented first!

As a user, I want to automatically record the number of hours and minutes I spend at certain locations, so that I can quickly report my time at the end of the week/month.

Level: Power Up

Would like to see this as well. Surprised it is not an option.

Level: Power Up

can't figure out how to upvote this, but this is key! 

Level: Power Up

I really need this functionality. Now I need to use third party apps to get this done while it would safe me a lot of time when this is a functionality in Flow