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Lookup to user who triggered the flow, then check the users membership (Owner, Member or Visitor)

Functionality to lookup the "Created By" or "Modified By" user's membership of the Sharepoint site groups.

This would allow a simple rejection in a flow (for example promote an item) if the user was trying to promote their own item.


A user needs create and edit access to their own item, but if a drop down is used to trigger a list update flow to promote an item (e.g. email or send to a webhook) then it would be nice to be able to reject the change based on the users permissions.


I am not aware of another way to accompish this.


Outline of process, to prevent user submitting to "Promoted" status when not a member of approvers SharePoint group:

  1. User creates an item, default "New" status -> flow sends to webhook for discussion in Teams
  2. Manger / approver decides the item is valid and changes status to "Promoted"" -> the same flow needs to check the approver is a member of the approvers group, then send to another Team (managers) for discussion
Status: New