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Loop through a SharePoint List or Library

There are many use cases here.  Example:  I want to see which list items in an issues list in SharePoint are OPEN.  For every list item whose STATUS column equals OPEN, the FLOW ACTION should send an email to the person listed in the OWNER column.  This could be set to run once a week on a schedule.  

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Do you still need this?

I just did something like this.

1-Did a Recurrence for Monday mornings

2-Initialized a variable statusvar as a string equal to In Progress (yours is Open)

3-Get items from list

4-Condition Status Value is equal to statusvar

5-If yes, send an email to the assigned to person (this is within the apply to each statusvar = In Progress condition)

Kudo Commander

Thank you Joanna!  I've been learning a bit more about FLOW and yes, your solution above would work well.  Any reason I can't just run a condition witihn an apply to each that says 


IF Status column = Open, then send email?   Do I need to initialize the variable?


Kind regards,


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Hi Bill,

Go ahead and try it.  It did not work for me but I think it should work. The variable always works for me. The other thing that's easy to do is to not pick Status Value when it's a choice field.  I've forgottent to do that twice 🙂

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A better solution is to put the condition as an odata filter in the Get Items step. This minimises the data transfer and eliminates the need for the conditional statement.

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Yes dmorrell, that does sound like a better solution. Thx!