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MS FLow Admin Center - Multiple options to search all flows on my environment

 I would love to see an option on the admin center to search for ALL the Flows on my environment and be able to search them by SharePoint site, or SharePoint List , Flow Name or by Owner. Currently, there is no way (at least to my knownledge and research) for an admin user to search for a Flow by owner or by SharePoint List. Currently, I see all the flows but I have to keep clicking "load more" and "load more"

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Great Idea!  We've actually just had an incident where someone went on maternity leave and when they do, our Service Desk resets the users password - since then their boss keeps receiving an authentication error saying the flow failed.  I have a P2 license, so I'm in the Flow Admin Centre under resources, where it lists all the flows...but it doesn't list all the flows, only so many at a time and I have to keep clicking show more or load more, and I have no idea which ones just loaded and have to scan through the entire list.  I know who the user is, but I can't search by user name, which would be a great tool to have.  I have to just keep clicking load more and load more until I see their name and with hundreds of flows in our company, it's taken 3hrs so far and I still cant' find the users flow.  Such a slow response time and I think the list just froze on me making me have to start all over again.  It also seems to really only work using Chrome - Edge was a horrible experience (freezing, not showing all the names, not refreshing, etc etc)..


You have my vote!


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Splendit idea! For PowerApps tge search is already available... hope too see it soon for Flow too! 😄

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This is something that is needed, we have thousands of Flow's, the admin page, only allows for a small number at a time. With no way to search or find users flow's. So when a user leaves it is something we can't find.