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MS Flow Approval tasks should have Sort or filter function as history

In MS Flow Approval received page, we can find many tasks need us to do approval action, but it's very hard to fitler them or change the sort order. As Approval history has filter and sort function, can this function apply to Approval received/sent page?Capture.PNG

Status: New
New Member

this is definitely an important features, so far, it is painful experience to filter among all the pending approvals. Hope we can have this asap. 

New Member

I use flows a lot, and I find it hard having to scroll all the way down. We need this feature, so that the latest request approved can be seen as the first ones in the history. I have to click the "show more" option like 4 times. Since I will continue using flows to get approvals, it means that in the future I will have to scroll down and continue clicking the "show more" option more than 5 times when looking for my requests. That is very time consuming. So, please help us to make this easier by adding a feature where we can arrange all approvals by date when going to see the history.