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MS Flow Approvals does not support Shared Mailboxes

Shared Mailboxes are not working for Approval actions in Flow currently.


Please make the change so Shared Mailboxes are supported in Microsoft Flow Approvals Centre

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I am also unable to utilize the approval function when I've entered a shared mailbox as the 'approver' in MS Flow.


The only work arround I can think of is to manually add every member of the mailbox as 'approver'. This way, when hitting the approve/reject button from the shared mailbox, the user will be directed to their personal flow environment.


The downsite of this is that the user will not automaticly be redirected the relevant request. It will open the main flow approval center and the user will have to manually look for the relevant request and approve/reject it. 


I really do hope this feature is added as soon as possible. It is my experience that 'big' companies approve/reject on a department level, rather then on employee level. As most requests are directed to a department/shared mailbox. Anyway it would be nice to have both options available.

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It is very unprofessional to have a request for approval come from a member on an team, when it should come the business office.  Also, the layout of the e-mail is very unprofessional.

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Rather than having external service providers contact individuals within the firm, we prefer to use Shared email accounts for certain work-flows.


Given the emails sent for these workflows are not duplicated or cc'd into the individuals mailboxes, we need Flow to be able to access these Shared Mailboxes (as we would like to schedule the downlowding of attachments to Sharepoint).

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One option is possible. In our organization we use "Create Approval" and "send to Shared Email with "respond link". That way individuals can approve via Respond link