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MS Flow Connector for get JIRA Board Items

A JIRA connect already exists to get new JIRA issues but we also need a connector for JIRA to extract all available details from cards on a selected JIRA Board for in-depth analysis in another tool.


The connector should:

  • connect to JIRA
  • enable selection of a particular board
  • enable selection of a particular swimlane or category by name, e.g. To Do, In Progress etc, or all categories
  • enable option filter by date range

The connector should return as a minimum

  • date created and created by/reporter
  • date last modified and modified by
  • current status
  • current priority
  • title
  • sprint
  • due-date
  • epic value
  • description
  • Labels
  • Linked Issues

The following are optional extras

  • time estimate
  • time tracking
  • components
  • fix versions
Status: New
New Member

I'm currently very keen to have access to the Jira 'Component' (I see this as essential rather than optional) so that adding specific metadata there would trigger an action (pushing details of that Jira item to Service Portal).