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MS Flow Connector for get JIRA Board Items

A JIRA connect already exists to get new JIRA issues but we also need a connector for JIRA to extract all available details from cards on a selected JIRA Board for in-depth analysis in another tool.


The connector should:

  • connect to JIRA
  • enable selection of a particular board
  • enable selection of a particular swimlane or category by name, e.g. To Do, In Progress etc, or all categories
  • enable option filter by date range

The connector should return as a minimum

  • date created and created by/reporter
  • date last modified and modified by
  • current status
  • current priority
  • title
  • sprint
  • due-date
  • epic value
  • description
  • Labels
  • Linked Issues

The following are optional extras

  • time estimate
  • time tracking
  • components
  • fix versions
Status: New