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MS Flow to import from Excel from Data Range and not just tables

When trying to get rows from Excel you currently can only use TABLES as the objects to import from. I would like it when you can refer to an Excel workbook but reference a data range (dynamic ideally) as often the data being picked up is from 3rd parties that do not place the data into TABLES.

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Awesome idea!!! Need this!

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Totally Agree !


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Excel Online (Business) / Create table 

Creates a new table in the Excel workbook. Seems doing the job.

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@katonage - I don't think there's a way to create a table using a dynamic range. If there was, then that'd be awesome.
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I've just tried the above mentioned connector and it works. Maybe it has not yet been rolled out for everyone.
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You can create a new BLANK table using that action, but the ask is to read/access an existing workbook with data already there and then create a table based on the rows/columns present. 

Right now, you have to go into your workbook and create a table from the data before Flow/Power Automate will even register it. I'm surprise this idea hasn't been more popular. 

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Agreed. Often I have to manipulate Excel outputs from other systems that are not in a table. Dynamic range selection would be awesome. 


Also need to be able to process CSVs......

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pleaaase, if you won't let us read sheets at least us run .py files