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MS Forms copy of response as excel via email

When submitting a MS Form, send a copy of the questionnaire to the filler as an excel or similar by e-mail.

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Hi @Saintenr , you can already do this with Flow and we send confirmation emails to


  1. Use a Forms trigger;
  2. For the first action add a Forms "When a new response is submitted" and select your form;
  3.  Add a Forms "Get response details. It will wrap itself in an Apply to each and in the field in that will be "List of response notifications". In the Get response details ID field select your form. In the repsonse Id select "List of response notifications Response Id" from the dynamic content box.
  4. If your responders are within your organization you could add an Get user Profile from the "Responder's email" in the dynamic content so that in the email you send them you can make it personalized.
  5. Add a Send an Email (V2) action and in the To field select Responders Email from the dynamic content box. Add a subject. Then type in the question and select the appropriate question from the dynamic content box.

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Hi, Rob,


super idea, I already thought about this option. Now, however, I have a form is 95 questions. This will be very cumbersome to include them all in HTML in the mail... Especially since this will not be the last questionnaire to be created. For this amount you can surely build in a function that allows an export for a certain ID. For the whole list it goes nevertheless also...

Nice greetings