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MS Planner Actions

Add an Action for MS Planner to

  • Import task(s) from Excel/Project
  • Export task(s) to Excel/Project

These are such key activities that it would be useful to have a "native" action that

  • selects Import or Export
  • selects a Plan
  • selects an Excel or Project object in a OneDrive repository, identifying Bucket name and task details in spreadsheet form - Title, Status, Start Date, Due Date, Description, Assigned to, Labels (CSV string), Checklist Item 1, .... Checklist Item n
  • Executes the action to either create tasks based on the spreadsheet content, or dump existing tasks to a new spreadsheet

While all this is possible using existing actions, it's quite messy and can be a bit tricky to get to work.  Please let's have a simple Import/Export-for-dummies action that does what it says on the box.

Status: New