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MS Teams Announcement

I think it would be very useful to have a Flow that sends an Announcement to a channel. Currently the only action we can add like that is to post a general message with a bot or yourself. I would like to do the same with a bot or myself but in the announcement format.

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How are there only three votes on this? 

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Agreed, as an example it would be created to be able to automatically create an announcement when a new document in uploaded in a SharePoint list and include the link to the document in the Team announcement. It would be good to also be able to select the Team announcement background image for example based on the type of document.. looking forward for more vote on this.

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I understand some companies will keep the features to the minimum and launch them later to look like a new special feature. This is basics stuff

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Yes, we need this feature! 

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Definitely a needed feature. We use a pinned announcement in the general channel to explain what each channel in the Team is to be used for. It's a Quick FAQ on how use utilise that particular Team.