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MS Teams Connector Needs More Triggers and Actions

Ms Teams connector right now has only 4 trigger. You can list  team IDs channels and post a message to a channel.

But this connector needs more !!

For example you should be able to send messages to a specific person via your Flow from MS Teams.

Also there can be some triggers as well. When a message is post to a channel or When a channel is created or many thing can be done. I think if MS Teams connector is improved, it can be the best app which alets teams and departments instantly with Flow..

Status: New
Level: Powered On

+1 to @ChnErl. I would like a MS Teams action to link/add MS Form, Sharepoint List, or other cloud databases/spreadsheets to MS Teams Channel, among many other Actions/Triggers for MS Teams.

Level: Powered On


The biggest and most useful thing that I believe is missing is to be able to add to the conversation in an existing thread/conversation in a channel.

I am using Flow to initiate the collobration for our team when working on a new livesite, but outside of creating the initial conversation, there does not seem to be a way of adding extra messages/updates to the exisiting conversation.

Level: Powered On

Yes, definetly require deeper integration. Especially to reply to a specific conversation unique URL. This way, when an item gets updated in say -- a gallery of powerapps -- the linked conversation in Teams can show there was an update and notify specific people.