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MS Teams Connector Needs More Triggers and Actions

Ms Teams connector right now has only 4 trigger. You can list  team IDs channels and post a message to a channel.

But this connector needs more !!

For example you should be able to send messages to a specific person via your Flow from MS Teams.

Also there can be some triggers as well. When a message is post to a channel or When a channel is created or many thing can be done. I think if MS Teams connector is improved, it can be the best app which alets teams and departments instantly with Flow..

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+1 to @ChnErl. I would like a MS Teams action to link/add MS Form, Sharepoint List, or other cloud databases/spreadsheets to MS Teams Channel, among many other Actions/Triggers for MS Teams.

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The biggest and most useful thing that I believe is missing is to be able to add to the conversation in an existing thread/conversation in a channel.

I am using Flow to initiate the collobration for our team when working on a new livesite, but outside of creating the initial conversation, there does not seem to be a way of adding extra messages/updates to the exisiting conversation.

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Yes, definetly require deeper integration. Especially to reply to a specific conversation unique URL. This way, when an item gets updated in say -- a gallery of powerapps -- the linked conversation in Teams can show there was an update and notify specific people.

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After exhausting other options, I desperately turned to Flow to do what I thought should be simple:


Share a folder in my OneDrive with my Team. (Not my team, my group in Teams. That's "group" in "Teams," not my "Group." God, using Office 365 is confusing!)


I cannot add a "OneDrive for Business" account under "Add Cloud Storage."

Sharing the folder using O4B with the Team's email address does not work.

Adding the Team's address using "Manage Access" does not work.


I thought I could do it using a Flow (Copy files between OneDrive for Business and SharePoint) but even though I have the Team's Sharepoint address, the flow never recognizes it, and the super helpful error message is:


"It looks like something went wrong"!


So far, I'm really not getting the usefulness of Flow or Teams, I'd dump Teams in a heartbeat if they allowed Skype for Business in Groups, which is mostly the same thing but better implemented.