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MS Teams - Flow - Add a Trigger for replies

We have an issue where a large amount of our company will just use Teams Channels to Ask and Answer Questions to Share Knowledge because it's faster and easier to view than having to go to a different place to do it. While this is great that people do this and communicate. It's not the best for having a persistent knowledge base source or Forum. We'd rather use a Sharepoint Discussion Board or List for this

Ideally what we'd like to do is create a flow such that any time someone tags a message with a particular piece of text (e.g. ##Forum##) that is automatically flows through to a Sharepoint List (well ideally discussion board) so that the data is well categorized and it's easily recognisable as a forum

However, at the moment the only trigger you have is around posting a NEW message in a Teams channel. There is no trigger for capturing additional Messages such that they can also feed back in to the data base.

Ideally we would like to keep the link between the original message and the replies to so it would be good if the parent message ID and the reply message ID were both captured here in the outputs from the flow in to the next step. Thanks!

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I support this.


I mean ... I think this is important, anyway, and should be a part of the 'when a new message' trigger.


Purely because it's how conversations work, especially in such a restrictive UI such as Teams (no offense, MS!), which means that potentially over 50% of relevant information from an important conversation will be in the replies ... especially if it's a call/response type thing. Potentially also important with cards ... but I'm not totally Au Fait with those, yet.

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I've got a similar use case and would love to have Flow take specific actions based on a keyword in a reply.

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I strongly support implementing trigger for conversation replies. I just tried to create a lightweight document approval workflow in Teams, but apparently I cannot implement my idea, becasue you cannot trigger flows on message replies. The workflow I was planning would have worked as following:


  • When a new document is created in sharepoint, it's "Status" field is set to "In Progress"
  • When conversation regarding the document is started in Teams, "Status" field is set to "In Review"
  • When a magic word is mentioned in conversation reply, the "Status" field is set to "Approved" or "In Progress", and other related tasks would be executed for the file.

This would allow simple workflow using only Teams user interface and user would not need to use SharePoint UI or approvals. Just simple conversation and magic would happen automatically in the background, when specific reply is written. This would even be a great flow template to start from.

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This is a ridiculous oversight that makes teams+automate a useless piece of garbage. 

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100% agree with you @Hunkydory. Tons of missing features but this seems par for the course with MS Teams and Yammer...

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@Msft why has this still not been done? why? it makes this whole trigger of a message in Teams and handled by Powert Automate absolute garbage.