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Make Docusign demo account work within Flow

Docusign demo accounts will NOT work with Flow connector. This makes evaluation of the Flow trial impossible unless you have a paid Docusign account.  WHen using a demo Docusign account, the Flow fails.

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This is unfortunate. We are having the same issue with trial DocuSign account which didn't benefit much for our prototyping. We have to sign up for production license with DocuSign in order to use Flow DocuSign connector. I also find that the DocuSign base plan ($50/mon) doesn't have "Connect" feature enabled under the "Integration" section otherwise DocuSign charges $5000/year to have it enabled. This is a huge drawback and without the "Connect" feature, all MS Flow DocuSign triggers won't work. I think this is how DocuSign get you. We end up not using any DocuSign Flow connectors.

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@Anonymous & @JohnZ1 ,


Hi all,


Have a look at the following:


I experienced the same issue, but was able (with help from DocuSign) to find out how to setup the connection with a sandbox account to validate Flows.


Hope this helps!


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Thank you MWierckx. It is helpful. I see the solution used the Plan II license of Flow to create a test environment in Flow and a DocuSign connection in the test environment point to DocuSign sandbox. It is a good one.  


I didn't use this way. The reason is that DocuSign charges over $5000 for enabling the Connect feature. I think this is overprised. I end up with a workaround to just create a separate Flow which downloads email attachments to save the signed document to our SharePoint library.