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Make Power Automate Reliable before the Winautomation Depreciation



I've been using WinAutomation until now, and I'm stuck now that Winautomation is being depreciated with no further customer support. Power Automate is so unreliable, with the Microsoft Flow Scheduler erroring and being unable to connect to my machines too often to be a viable alternative to WinAutomation. 

I don't understand why Microsoft is not first working on creating a viable alternative in Power Automate - which is supposed to be WinAuto's obvious replacement, before pulling away WinAuto. 

With the Winauto depreciation, the rug's being pulled out from under us Winauto user's legs, so to speak, as there is not enough reliability in PA to make the jump. 

Please work on Power Automate's reliability in scheduling, in connections - whether to the gateway or to the machine, etc. and make it decently usable before taking away Winauto's support. 

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So I am in the same position, I need to convert my winAutomains to PA. and cant find a clean path to PA from WinAuto!