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Make approval Reasingment available iin email

Make approval Reasingment available in email, 

At this point the Reasingment is only available in the Flow site.  You we make it reassign from the email.
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Ideally by forwarding the email it would be picked up automatically

Frequent Visitor

From a end user perspective there should be a third button for reassigning an approval task or otherwise forwarding the mail to a new approver generates a new approval task.

Kudo Collector

Agreed, this is a needed feature,  a 3rd button would be ideal.

Frequent Visitor

We need the Re-assign button in approval email.

New Member

This would be helpful and seamless, especially within an organization, as not everyone is techsavvy enough to utilize the Flow platform, but forwarding an email is straightforward 😄

Frequent Visitor

En transférant le mail ou avec un bouton réattribuer ça serait bien. 
Comment faites-vous  vous en attendant ?


Je suis étonnée, que rien est bougé de ce coté là depuis.  

New Member

We need the Re-assign button in approval email.

Frequent Visitor

This is a no-brainer solution - add the reassign button to the email. That has to be the solution since the email is the conduit to the approver to provide reaction, one of which is to reassign the flow task.


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email AND teams approval module please! 

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+1 @zugzug15