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Make it possible do drag and drop an existing step into a condition path

Sometimes I need to add a condition step after I've created most part of my flow.

It is easy to create the new step in betwee two other steps

It is also easy to drag the first existing step into one of the condition paths

But if I want to drag another step under the first step in the condition path I cannot do that.

I then first need to create a new dummy step and then drag the existing step in between the first and second step of the condition path

Status: New
Advocate IV

What annoys me more is when I want to drag-n-drop or copy a step into a conditional path and the editor tells me I can't do that!!!


I get that it might - in the new position - not be correctly configured.  That's ok, just let me put the step where I want it and edit it so the parameters are correct.