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Make it possible to delete approval requests with “Remove Flow Approval” action in the “Power Automate for Admins” connector

Workflows are forcibly ended after 30 days due to the limitation on continuous execution time.

However, approval requests remain after this and make it difficult for approvers to know which requests are which when looking at the list in Action items  Approval  Received, and even if they are approved, no further processing can be carried out.


Whether users decide for themselves and manually refuse the requests, or if applicants are asked to cancel them but cant, it is very confusing.

Therefore, we are trying to make it so that timed out requests which have not been approved after a certain period of time are automatically removed.


We attempted to have them automatically be deleted after a certain period if they are not approved by using the Remove Flow Approval action in the Power Automate for Admins connector, but got the following error:

“The API version of this request does not support the environment


While this is the preview version, please make it so that this works.

[Power Automate for Admins]コネクタの[Remove Flow Approval]アクションで承認依頼を削除できるようにして欲しい

[Power Automate for Admins]コネクタの[Remove Flow Approval]アクションを利用して削除しようとしましたが、以下のエラーとなりました。
「この要求の API バージョンは、環境をサポートしていません。」
Status: New