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Make it possible to duplicate actions in a Flow

I would find it a HUGE improvement to be able to have a existing action, for example Send Email

that has a connection and some info already filled in or not (both would be an improvement) and that you can either have an option "copy/duplicate" this action or that you could copy paste (ctrl + c => ctrl + v) to do so.


Having a switch action for example where in each case a mail should be send, you have to manually create the action each time. There are more cases where this would be a great improvement.


VOTE if you think so as well!


THERE ALREADY IS AN IDEA (that I didn't saw) so vote for it as well by clicking on this link!

Status: Completed
Power Automate
Status changed to: Completed
Advocate IV

There are still plenty of bugs with this feature... coping an entire condition tree, copying actions within solutions, copying items in loops...  great first steps, but badly needs additional polishing.