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Make page titles more descriptive

When running multiple browser tabs, it's impossible to differentiate between which ones have what content.


This is a pretty clean tab list for me and it's completely unclear which tabs are what.  

Screenshot 2021-02-22 105957.png

The 2 "Manage your solutions" tabs - one is My flows and the other is an actual solution. So they're completely different pages with the same title.  There are 3 edit tabs that are on 3 different flows, but you can't really tell. The way it is now, you have no idea what any of these are because the title is not relevant to the page.



This would also help with the browser history.  Modern browsers let you type in the title in the address bar, which includes results from your history.  The way it is now, this is useless:


With proper page titles, you could easily type in the name of the flow and have your browser history take you directly to the page instead of going through several links to get there.


Instead of Edit your flow or Run History, it would be nice to say <Flow name> | Edit or <Flow name> | History.  Instead of Manage your solutions, maybe say My Flows (to match the link that got you there).  If you're on a particular solution, put the name in the page title.


These are minor UI changes that would make the UX much better.


Status: New