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Make the language in both Powerapps and Flows independant of your browser or language in Windows

 use non-english browser and OS. Yet I want to use English version of Flows and Powerapps. Why? Because tutorials, and documentaiton are easier to follow.


Now you're forcing the user to change language. Pretty dumb.


Status: New
Advocate II

Linked to this is the list separator.


In my locale, the list separator is a semicolon ( ; ), however I would prefer to use a comma ( , ) as I do in every other platform that I develop in.

Advocate IV

If you have two statements they would need to be seperated with a semicolon, but in some locales it's vice versa. Can get really confusing indeed. Not to mention all the fields from D365 connectors and such will also be translated into your locale. I just don't understand why it's tied to the OS or Browser, I just want to understand why it's not possible to set a language, if not at least on the project itself.