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Make when a new item is created trigger work with discussion board

It doesn't appear that the "when a new item is created" Sharepoint trigger works with discussion boards. Could this be made to work.

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This is a very important feature. We are trying to create a discussion board and we want these notifications on slack. Without flow, this can't be done.

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I agree! Discussion boards can by quite handy for different situations where you need communication between people. Having Flow not supporting them is really a shame and should be added.

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Ditto! This feature is quite important - and i'm struggling to get it to work in Flow at the moment

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Many customers in Japan use Discussion boards, so please implement them.

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+1 for all comments above!

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Totally agree! Please add this functionality!

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I am playing with flow and a discussion board(SPO list) and I can't find the list even if I use URL while building the flow trigger.


it won't safe as the list is 404. Any other classic or modern lists is found/fine.


I am trying to do a flow to send email notifications on comments on forum posts and see if I can integrate this with MS Teams(on new item/modified - send a message to MS Teams), however I am struggling and I found a different article that pointed me here.


Is there a plan to integrate SPO Discussion boards with flow in the near future or send me to a documentation that helps me figure this one out 🙂