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Managed Metadata column is supported in OData Filter Query

I would like to request to enable Managed Metadata column in OData Filter Query.

Thus it's easier for us to do filtering the value from Managed Metadata column before proceed the next action.

Please help.





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It would be usefull to filter in odata query by metadata value
The query would be something like
Get Items where"myTaxonomyField" equal "value"

I would like to query on the exact term value, without having to give the full path in the termset.


 If my termset is built as following, I would like to query "myTaxonomyField eq 'France'"

I don't want to have to build a query "myTaxonomyField eq 'Europe>France'".

Taxonomy example :  

- Asia

    - China

    - Japan

- Europe

    - France

    - United Kingdom.