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Managing flow history



Currently there is no way to clear the flow history,

Even if the flow is already deleted you will see i.e. the failures.

In production environments it is better to have a way to clean-up the failure list to have a clear view on what is going on.


It would also be really usefull to be able to query the flow history using date/time, flow, etc. as filter values.


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Status: Under Review

Hello, as called out in the comments, this is an import audit feature of the system so that all activities that a Flow has taken are fully audited. Even if you are just testing something out, that test flow can still have real side-effects that must remain in an audit for the 30 days that history is currently retained for. 


That being said, it does make sense to allow certain runs to be marked as "Resubmitted" so that you can keep track, after a failure, if something has been rerun. Likewise, querying the run history is a good idea as well. 

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that is bad news

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Agreed. Even when you go back and correc the issue and resubmit, the failed on shows in your alerts and will not go away.

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In a production environment when trying to create complex workflow scenarios you are invariably going to need to test what you have created, these might not always perform as intended and your failed flows can build up.

If you cannot clear the flow history in the current production flow then it might warrant having a development mode where you can test out the flows first and once you are confident switch the flow to "production" which would wipe the development flow history and give you a clean slate.

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How is this not a feature?  What if you are bringing over personal information?  Come on Microsoft, this is a given.

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especially bad news if you have accidentally got it into a loop with an old workflow ... Then you have to cancel all the running flow instances by hand Man Sad

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What about devices also?

My little phone is going to explode if I cant get rid of old notices.

Delete the flow and reload it?


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It would be good to be able to query the Flow Approval History data, especially from an app like Power BI so we could create dashboards and reports on approvals by type.

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This would be nice.

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Seems radiculous failed 'Flow(s)' cannot be purged. I suspect the capability is for audit trail purposes which means this will feature will remain?

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It would be help to have a flag to identify if the steps in flow was done as “Resubmit” or if it was not.

Especially, it would be helpful to see it in the report of “RUN HISTORY”.

Background of this request is that we often use “Resubmit” feature with Flow-run and want to manage a history of flow run if it needs to resubmit or if it is not.