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Manual trigger of Flow from OneNote

Hello it will be nice to have this option as I'm looking for this scenario:


1) I will have OneNote page with notes from meeting, that is perfect tool and alredy used this way. 

2) During meeting I will create some notes and some of this notes I will mark as to-do.

3) When meeting finished I would like to be able to trigger Flow that will create tasks in Planner bucket from to-do marked rows in OneNote. For me the best option will be to have it as manual trigger as I can choose if I want to split tasks to Team or not. So no need to trigger this automatically.

4) I will receive notifiaction with link to bucket that there are tasks to be assigned


This will save my day, my time and I beleive that many of others are looking for such great tool to work smarter and better 🙂



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Check out I love it!
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@DavidLozzi There is always some solution for additional cost. But that you suggested is not connected to Planner at all and that is what I'm looking for to make life better 🙂

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Love this one! I second