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Manually trigger a flow to copy from Outlook to SP WITH form for metadata.

I want to choose an email and click something to start the copy process. Then I want a sidebar to show up requesting metadata, just like OnePlaceMail, Colligo, Macrkview DMF etc. does. I figured this would already be available. How long as SharePoint/Outlook been around?
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Glad to be a part of your discussion. I just read entire issue of yours so, if you are getting any kind of issue related to email in outlook then i recommend you to read How to Recall an Email in Outlook blog for more help. 

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Helper V

Thanks Neil although that has nothing to do with my issue.

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Im interested too. Did you find anything.


Thank you.

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I think that there should be a trigger "For a selected email", just like "For a selected item" in sharepoint.


That way, you could select an email and trigger manually a flow from a button in the ribbon.


It would be helpful if it would have the User Imput available too.



Helper V
Helper V

Yes, a lot of that makes sense, seemingly only to us, not Microsoft.


I gave up on this a long time ago and am going to cancel my subscription anyway. Too many issues like this, I dont have the time nor the inclination to deal with these fails any longer.


Good luck to you though Falsin!!