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Mark Flag Complete When Message is Responded to

I flag messages I need to follow up on later. I would like to create a flow such that my response to a flagged message will auto mark the flag as complete. 

Status: New
Resident Rockstar

It seems you can do that easily using Outlook script or add-in. Why do you want to use Power Automate for that?

Regular Visitor

Flags are universal; Id like it to work no matter if I do it in my app, online, etc. Would the Outlook script not only apply to the desktop? 

I use flags as a "To Do", when I respond to an email, that is my checking the to do box. @VictorIvanidze 


Resident Rockstar

Hi @ceasterl,

as far as I know there is no trigger that will allow you to  implement what you want in Power Automate. 

On the other hand, Microsoft's JavaScript-based add-in (in theory) can work with any email client.