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Mark failed flow run as resolved

I would like to have the ability to mark a failed flow as 'resolved'. And maybe also as 'Investigating'. This way I know when a failed flow is already solved (by me or my colleague). 


We have a flow for creating new teams. When a flow has failed I have to investigate because otherwise the requestor doesn't get his new team. But when I already resolved it (by for example create the team manually) I want to change the flow status so I don't get confused which one I already fixed. 

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Excellent idea, that would be so helpful when going back through the lists! 

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Why does this have so few votes?  Definitely need this.

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This is extremely needed. We have automated our entire onboarding and offboarding process for a company of 10,000 people and if failures come in, it'd be nice to set the flow to investigating and then resolved, so we can show the actual failure rate versus resolved failures.