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Markdown message to Microsoft Team - "Alert the team"

I want to use Markdown to the message of "Alert the team" action of Microsoft Teams. 





Markdown example:

##Flow debug
*Count* = 10



Markdown of Microsoft Teams


Markdown of message make more meaning.



Yoshihiro Kawabata




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At least provide the ability to use the Markdown related to creating links....

Or setup the flow such that if a URL is included it is a "clickable" URL as opposed to just text on the teams post.

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Something the same as Slack would be super handy for those of us going from Slack to Teams.


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Bump. I find it unacceptable that Microsoft would offer a Teams connector and not support markdown. Has anyone bothered trying to use use a generic HTTP Webhook step to post to Teams? This might be my next step if this issue goes ignored.

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I think the markdown interpretation is implemented in the teams clien/webapp I don’t believe there will be a solution in the near future. The markdown feature isn’t that well designed, it’s more like: look we also have markdown support!
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I hope to post some type messages to Microsoft Teams each purpose,

  • Plain text type,
  • Rich text type - with font color font size, font type etc,
  • HTML text type - using HTML tags <B> <PRE> etc,
  • Markdown text type - using Markdown tags ", *, # etc.
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Advocate I

You can use an adaptive card to post markdown today.