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Maximum file size limit

Why on earth would someone make a product capable of accepting 15 GB of data, but not have another product capable of moving it? Currently 50 MB limit on a flow is just bad business not to mention stupid.


My company regularly receives file in excess of 1GB or more up to the 15 GB threshold..Please tell me Microsoft has this already in the works to update flow to do this!




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I'm facing the same problem. Please increase at least to 1Gb.

I'm using to downlod from Google Drive to my SharePoint.


Please, change it ASAP.



Someone here has any news?


Rafael Câmara

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As a user that has to store 10+GB files on my ODFB account, this is ridiculous.


Please remove the entire limitation, as downloading and reuploading the files is NOT a viable alternative for me at the moment.

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This is a big blocker for our project at the moment. We would need this to be increased to at least 1GB. 5GB ideally.

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Hopefully this issue is also going to be addressed soon.

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New to Power Automate and just ran into this roadblock.  This limitation has axed Power Automate from being an easy and viable solution.  Hopefully, we can get some more votes on this idea.

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This needs to be increased to at least 1 GB as the one drive when a file is created trigger isn't even viable for larger files. 

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2021 and still no fix?

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This is really terrible. I implemented an entire Power Automate solution, it worked great until my third flow run, when I already bounced into a file size limit error! This breaks my entire solution, because it is unreliable... A limit of 20MB is absolutely ridiculously low and stupid. 

My flow saves email attachments on a file server:


  "error": {
    "message""The file contains 21933689 bytes which exceeds the maximum 20971520 bytes."
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Hi @microsoft 


It's 2022, still i found the same limitation. could you please update on your plan to increase the sharepoint limit size to 1GB?

"status": 413,
"message": "The file contains 59.91 megabytes which exceeds the maximum 30 megabytes.",
"error": {
"message": "The file contains 59.91 megabytes which exceeds the maximum 30 megabytes."