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Maximum file size limit

Why on earth would someone make a product capable of accepting 15 GB of data, but not have another product capable of moving it? Currently 50 MB limit on a flow is just bad business not to mention stupid.


My company regularly receives file in excess of 1GB or more up to the 15 GB threshold..Please tell me Microsoft has this already in the works to update flow to do this!




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"My company regularly receives file in excess of 1GB or more up to the 15 GB threshold..Please tell me Microsoft has this already in the works to update flow to do this!"


I'm sure they much you wanna bet it'll be a premium feature?

Sounds frustrating, and I support your idea - but then again, servers and bandwith ain't free!

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Hi Microsoft Flow Team,


This is a very valid ask. I am struggling with the same use case. I have to upload files through Microsoft flow to my Sharepoint document library.


Some of the documents are expected to breach the 100 MB/Request limit. Please plan to raise the request threshold.




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We are also running into this limit when copying files from Box to Sharepoint.

I contacted Box and their limit is 5GB per file!


Not only is MS Flow's limit of 100MB absolutely ridiculous, it also doesn't even generate an error message to let you know why the flow is not copying the file.


Come on Microsoft - this is not good enough!!


Increase the limit to 5GB.

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We also very much have a need for this to work,


We handle file sizes that are mainly between 100MB and 500MB but there is also a need to transfer a 4.5GB file from an FTP server to SharePoint.

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Same problem. I want to be able to move files from a users personal onedrive to a sharepoint location. Why is there a 100mb limit?

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yes this is very frustrating, we implemented the whole solution to receive files from users without authentication in OneDrive and then evaluate using MS Flow trigger OneDrive "When a file is created" and move the files to relevant sharepoint library based on conditional logic after verification. We checked OneDrive file size limit published by Microsoft is 15GB but when deployed to production it dosn't work!


Solution failed because it was not working on files more than 50 MB+ in size.

Microsoft Power Platform team needs to address and resolve this limitation soon, otherwise it's of no use if such solutions dosn't work in actual business scenario (means real data and not prototyping with small files) 



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Same here. I have setup a back-up solution, which should also copy files greater than 50MB. @microsoft: Any plan to provide an Option for the Office365-Administrator to set file size limitations for is organisation instead of a global Microsoft limitation? Thanks.

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You are lucky you get 50, I'm apparently capped at 30:

The file contains 40.802 megabytes which exceeds the maximum 30 megabytes

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+1, why this limitation?


We need a solution we can use, not a solution for lab testing!

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Need this badly for a document control system we are using flow for. Please up to 1GB ASAP!!!