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@Mention anyone in a teams message from a flow

It would be great if you could place the @ in front of a string integer and get it to reference the individual. Here is an example.


@(@{string(body('Get_user_profile_(V2)')?['displayName'])}), you have a new task assigned to you.


Instead it would say:  John Doe, you have a new task assigned to you.


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would love to be able to @mention a person in a Flow "teams post message" action so that the person gets notified of the new message in a teams channel.  

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I hate to revive an old thread, but I ran into the same issue and found a solution I hope will help someone else.


I found that there's an action for it named "Get @mention token for a user".

All I had to do was add this action right before the "Post a message (V3)" action, feed it the user e-mail and then in the Teams message, add new "@mention" from the dynamic content list.


Screenshot below, I hope it helps someone.



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is there any way to do this and mention the whole Team or using the "General" mention?

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I would like to get serveral Email adress to be metioned. 

Is the a way to get the @token also for more than one email ?